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An innovative parametric insurance product that provides protection to fund repairs following storm damage to coral reefs in Hawaii has been renewed and its coverage expanded, while global reinsurance firm Munich Re is again backing the cover, which is arranged by WTW.

coral-reef-imageBack in November 2022, WTW alongside The Nature Conservancy launched the parametric coral reef insurance concept in the United States for the first time with a policy focused on Hawaii. Munich Re underwrote the risk for that first Hawaiian coral reef parametric insurance arrangement.

The same parametric risk transfer product concept had already been utilised in Mexico and was then expanded to also cover the Mesoamerican Reef system.

As we reported earlier this month, broker WTW has now taken the coral reef insurance concept across the globe to cover a South pacific coral reef in the Fiji archipelago as well.

Now, the Hawaii instance of the product has been renewed, with expanded coverage and higher payouts available, so that it can make more impact on the reef and the communities that rely on it.

The new parametric coral reef insurance policy expands coverage around the main Hawaiian islands and increases payouts after qualifying storms, WTW explained.

The new Hawaiian policy adds 314,976 square miles to the coverage area so that it can capture more storm events, with a maximum payout of $2 million total over the year-long policy period and $1 million possible per storm.

At the same time, the minimum payout after the parametric trigger is activated has doubled to $200,000, enabling a more meaningful post-storm response.

Payouts can be triggered when tropical storm winds of 50 knots or greater occur in the core of the coverage area.

Once again, a Munich Re insurance entity was selected as the coverage provider from seven competitive bids.

WTW said that more companies bid on this year’s policy, which it noted shows “increasing interest among insurers in nature-based solutions to protect against climate impacts.”

“Parametric insurance is increasingly demonstrating value in addressing disaster risk for natural assets, in this case providing Hawai’i with a tangible solution to quickly finance post- storm restoration activities that help reefs better recover and maintain resilience in the face of increasing climate impacts,” explained Simon Young, Senior Director in WTW’s Disaster Risk Finance and Parametrics team. “Increasing recognition of this value by conservation organisations, government bodies and other stakeholders on the demand side and by insurers on the supply side is mainstreaming parametric protections, driving accessibility and sustainability.”

“We are building something really transformative for communities and ecosystems as we respond to increasing storm activity associated with the climate crisis,” added Ulalia Woodside Lee, Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy, Hawai‘i and Palmyra. “The first policy provided momentum to develop response plans and partnerships. With these now in place and an increased minimum payout, we will be able to start damage assessments and reef repairs after a storm as soon as it’s safe to get in the water. This is important because corals must be reattached within several weeks after breaking or they will likely die.”

René Mück, Munich Re’s Global Head of Natural Catastrophe Parametrics, also said ”Using parametric risk transfer as a means to contribute to TNC’s conservation objectives in Hawaii aligns exactly with the objectives of Munich Re’s parametric business unit. We are proud to support TNC in Hawaii and appreciate the work with WTW on such initiatives.”

The parametric coral reef insurance product has already demonstrated its utility, when Hurricane Lisa’s landfall in Belize on November 2nd 2022 triggered the Mesoamerican Reef system parametric insurance product.

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An innovative parametric insurance program has been taken across the globe to cover a South pacific coral reef in the Fiji archipelago, with broker WTW saying it will provide up to US $450,000 of cover for reef restoration and community assistance if cyclones hit.

coral-reef-parametric-insuranceThe payout would go to Fiji’s island communities, if a cyclone hits the coral reef system of the South Pacific Ocean’s volcano-formed Lau Group of islands.

The Indigenous people of Lau depend on the reef ecosystem as a source of food and income, so protecting it using a parametric risk transfer insurance product that will pay out after a cyclone strikes which could damage the reef, can enable the community to recover faster and put funds into reef conservation, restoration and resilience.

Development insurer and risk pool the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Insurance Company (PCRIC) is the insurer for this South Pacific parametric reef insurance, winning the bid after what WTW called “a competitive placement process.”

WTW worked with local correspondent broker Insurance Holdings (Pacific) Pte Ltd. and Fiji’s Vatuvara Foundation (VVF), which is the policyholder of the parametric insurance programme.

As well as helping to protect and repair the reef in the event of a cyclone, the parametric insurance payouts can be used to support the community with assistance activities to help address food and water security concerns caused by storm damage.

The initial coverage is for Vatuvara Island, a protected natural reserve; Yacata, where the local community resides; and Kaibu, the Vatuvara Private Islands Resort, while further sites in the Lau Seascape may be covered in future years.

Broker WTW has successfully renewed a similar parametric coral reef insurance product for the Mesoamerican coral reef a number of times now, expanding it with each renewal.

Sarah Conway, Director and Ecosystem Resilience Lead, WTW, commented “We are grateful to BHP for supporting the design and implementation of the first coral reef insurance programme in Fiji. Building on lessons learned from our involvement with similar initiatives in other countries, this programme provides an exciting opportunity to innovate beyond rapid reef response to also include community assistance, enhancing the resilience of the ecosystem and those who depend on it.”

PCRIC CEO, Aholotu Palu, stated, “PCRIC is very pleased to demonstrate its commitment to serve non-sovereign entities with innovative parametric insurance products, in line with PCRIC’s mission to help the island communities of the Pacific to better prepare, structure and manage finances to foster disaster resilience and ensure rapid access to funds; the work of the Vatuvara Foundation, both in reef conservation and in local community empowerment, is recognised by the Government of Fiji as being in the national interest and consistent with development priorities, particularly the Blue Pacific Strategy, as well as commitments to climate change adaptation and disaster risk management.”

Katy Miller, Director, Vatuvara Foundation, added, “We are thankful that the innovative parametric policy will allow for the prompt access to funds following a destructive cyclone event to identify reef damage and assist reef recovery with a community-led team in Northern Lau. Increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events is expected in the area, and protecting natural ecosystems in the Lau Group is crucial to build long-term community resilience to anthropogenic threats including climate change.”

Ashley Preston, Head of Climate Resilience, BHP, also said, “BHP is funding an innovative parametric insurance product, which aims to support the conservation of coral reefs and surrounding local communities in Fiji’s northern Lau Group, and build the knowledge base for how similar financial products could be used to improve climate resilience. We are pleased to work with WTW and Vatuvara Foundation on this project, which supports BHP’s commitments to action on climate, conservation and empowering communities.”

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